Press Release

Our Revolution Statement on Kansas Special Election Results

WASHINGTON-- Our Revolution on Wednesday released the following statement on the results of Kansas' U.S. House special election: 

“What happened last night in Kansas is proof that voters across the spectrum are fighting back. No Democratic candidate has come within 20 points of their Republican opponent in the last decade and the last three elections had Republicans winning by more than 30 points. Just five months ago Trump won this district by 27 points, last night Thompson ended up within seven.

“Our Revolution is extremely proud to have endorsed Thompson, who — like us — was inspired by U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders to continue the fight in his own backyard. Like Bernie, Thompson ran an unapologetically progressive campaign, running on a platform to raise the minimum wage, protect health care and public education — and, even though most Democrats inside the beltway didn’t take him seriously, he managed to make a long-shot race competitive. Thompson built his campaign for the people — and the people carried him to a place no one expected.

“These results only underline how important it is to redouble our efforts to help elevate progressive voices across the country. The Democratic Party can no longer ignore districts that they consider ‘safe’ for Republicans. The progressive grassroots has proven that they will show up — and we are steadfast in our belief that we can create a progressive America if millions of people stand up and fight back.”