Our Revolution Statement on Sessions Hearings

WASHINGTON -- Our Revolution on Thursday released the following statement in response to Sen. Jeff Sessions' confirmation hearings for Attorney General:

"Sen. Jeff Sessions has proven one thing over the course of his confirmation hearings: he's a great actor. 

"Sessions says he will 'respect and follow' Roe v. Wade, but reading from a script of talking points can't erase Sessions' own rabidly anti-choice record--- which includes voting to defund Planned Parenthood and for an unconstitutional 20-week abortion ban.

"Sessions may have even sounded reasonable when he said he would not support a ban on Muslims entering the United States, like Donald Trump proposed on the campaign trail. But we don't buy the sudden change of heart-- just last year Sessions called the ideology of Islam 'toxic' and said that 'we have no duty to morally or legally admit people.'

"Sessions said 'you cannot allow improper erosion of the right of Americans to vote' but he has championed discriminatory voter ID laws and when the Supreme Court overturned Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act, Sessions called it 'good news, I think, for the South.'

"We know who Jeff Sessions is. He's the senator with a record that has nativists thrilled, opposing nearly every immigration bill or attempt at reform. The real Jeff Sessions voted to advance a constitutional amendment that would have banned same-sex couples from marrying.

"We do not believe the real Jeff Sessions deserves to head a department that has the word Justice in it. 

"Ultimately, Sessions presents a very real threat to communities of color, immigrants, and women in this country and he must be stopped. The stakes have never been higher: at risk is the future of criminal justice reform, the protection of LGBTQ rights, immigrant rights, voting rights. Sessions' appointment will hurt the most vulnerable among us.

"At a time when our country faces so many challenges we need cabinet secretaries that people are confident will protect middle income and working people in every zip code. This is particularly true of the Attorney General. Sessions does not have that confidence."