Press Release

Our Revolution Statement on the Trump Administration’s Recent Actions in the Middle East

WASHINGTON -- Our Revolution released the following statement in response to the recent actions of the Trump Administration in the Middle East.

“In the last week, the Trump Administration has shown the American people and the rest of the world that its interests in the Middle East are not in bringing stability and peace, but to court the most extreme segments of its domestic political base. The result has been actions which have isolated America in the world and heightened tension and conflict in the Middle East,” said Dr. James Zogby, Our Revolution Board Member and President of the Arab American Institute.

“From abandoning our allies with whom we negotiated the Iran Deal, to the reckless unilateral decision to move the American embassy to Jerusalem, this administration is ripping up the progress made by years of diplomatic efforts by American leaders,” Zogby added. “Both actions flaunt United Nations resolutions which the US had endorsed. In the process, President Trump has made it difficult for other nations to trust our word and he has made it impossible for the US to play a constructive leadership role in the search for Middle East peace.”