Our Revolution Statement on Trump's Attack on Immigrant Families and Progressive States

WASHINGTON -- Our Revolution Political Director Erika Andiola released the following statement in response to the latest round of executive orders signed by President Trump:

"The only surprise coming from today's executive actions is the fact that Donald Trump is actually following through with one of his most repeated campaign promises. The wall will be built and -- one way or another -- America will pay for it and what it stands for.

"With his decision to target sanctuary cities, Trump is presenting an ultimatum: either states comply with federal immigration enforcement officials who want to tear families apart, or they risk losing critical funding for much-needed services. This is a direct attack on progressive states and the policies they support. This moment requires that we come together to protect those who are most vulnerable under Trump's administration.

"In California, Senate leader Kevin de León has introduced SB-54, the California Values Act, to create safe spaces and expand protections for undocumented immigrants. This legislation would ban the use of state and local resources for carrying out the work of federal immigration officials in deportation actions. This bill is a huge step in keeping immigrant families together and standing up for those who are being targeted by the Trump administration. We must make sure that it is passed, so we can set an example for other states and cities to follow suit. 

"This is about treating people with the American standards of dignity and humanity. With the Trump administration moving fast to undermine the work of states like California, it is crucial that we stand up to fight back. We cannot allow our states to do the dirty work of performing immigration raids and tearing families apart."