President's Day Message from Sen. Nina Turner

Dear Friends,

When Senator Bernie Sanders announced he was running for president in 2016, he readjusted the expectations of the American people. Unlike any other candidate, and unlike our current president, Bernie did not argue that he alone had the answers, that he alone could create change, that he could individually improve our economy, Bernie made the presidency about us, the people.

“What this campaign is about is saying loudly and clearly: It is not just about electing Bernie Sanders for president, it is about creating a grassroots political movement in this country.”- Sen. Bernie Sanders

Unleashing a message long since forgotten, Sen. Sanders ignited a new bloc of voters, and better yet, a new bloc of elected officials. This movement brought together people who felt the current political system was ignoring them--people from Appalachia, to urban centers like New York City, and coast to coast. Since his campaign, our movement has led to new city council members, new legislators, new school board members, and new life in campaigns for local, state, and federal office.

We do our best to inspire the 99 percent with the simple truth: together we hold the key that unlocks our future. Through organizing, through collective engagement, just simply through showing up, we can shape our destiny and the destiny of our country.

As Sen. Sanders said, “No matter who is elected president, that person will not be able to address the enormous problems facing the working families of our country. They will not be able to succeed, because the power of corporate America, the power of Wall Street, the power of campaign donors is so great, that no president alone can stand up to them.”

Presidents cannot do it alone and we cannot do it alone. We need you to show up. We need you to organize, drop by one of your local group meetings, make phone calls or text for our endorsed candidates, and be a part of Our Revolution.

Join in the power of the collective many and become an Our Revolution member today.

In solidarity,

Nina Turner


Our Revolution