Sanders 2020 Coalition Gains Momentum with Over 100 Events Nationwide this Weekend

DENVER, Colo. January 23, 2019— The momentum for drafting Sen. Sanders (I-VT) to run for President in 2020 grows with a national Weekend of Action January 26 and 27. This Weekend of Action is organized by Organizing for Bernie in partnership with a coalition of leading progressive organizations including Our Revolution, Progressive Democrats of America, The People for Bernie Sanders, Sanders for President & Digital Left.  

“It is inspiring to see hundreds of people step up to host outreach events in their communities to build power for Sen. Bernie Sanders should he decide to run for president,” said Dr. Heather Gautney, Executive Director of Our Revolution. “We’re organizing because we know that Sen. Sanders will fight for the 99 percent. Our Revolution members and Bernie supporters across the country are continuing to lay the groundwork for a possible Sanders 2020 campaign. This is not just about galvanizing around a single individual; we are laying foundation for a better, more just country.”

In 2016, Sen. Sanders’ revolutionary campaign brought millions of people together around a shared vision for a better future. Now, prior to him announcing a decision, volunteers are organizing over one hundred events to engage constituents and discuss what they want to see in presidential candidates in 2020. These events range from conversing with neighbors walking through downtown areas, to meeting in coffee shops, parks, campuses or meeting spaces. Supporters are encouraged to join and take part by going to

Alan Minsky, Executive Director of the Progressive Democrats of America, says “the 2020 Presidential race is going to engage the entire country, and the world, on the most fundamental issues of our time. In 2016, Bernie gave voice to sentiments felt by millions of Americans – on wealth inequality, health care, education, climate change, criminal justice, foreign policy, and more – that previously had no expression in mainstream politics. We know that Bernie will do the same in 2020 because of his depth of feeling for humanity and his deep understanding of American society at this crucial hour of our history.”

“Bernie Sanders’ has championed social and economic justice for decades. He has been inclusive, honest, unwavering, and incorruptible,” said David Fredrick, Co-Founder of Sanders for President and Digital Left. “His mission was clearly stated, and it continues to drive not only us, but thousands of other like-minded people. From the working poor to the middle class to the very rich, we recognize that Bernie’s message is compelling; and it requires us to do the hard work in order to see it come to fruition.”