Senator Sanders’ Appointees to Unity Reform Commission Urge Passage of Report

WASHINGTON –  Our Revolution, the political entity founded by U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders during the 2016 presidential election, today urged the Rules and Bylaws Committee of Democratic National Committee (DNC) to adopt the full report of its Unity Reform Commission. The Commission’s report was finalized during a Dec. 8 and 9 meeting in Washington and will be taken up the DNC’s Rules and Bylaws Committee Jan. 19 and 20.

“Ever since the 2016 creation of the Unity Reform Commission, we have worked for these proposals,” said Our Revolution Board Chair Larry Cohen. “We did this by advocating for policies that would expand the base of the Democratic Party. It’s not enough to criticize Republicans for attacking the right to vote; Democrats must examine our own internal policies that may restrict voting as well.”

The Democratic Party created the Unity Reform Commission at the behest of U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders during the 2016 Democratic Convention. The Commission was envisioned to be a space for the Party to resolve concerns about its nominating process and internal operations. Secretary Hillary Clinton, U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders and Democratic Party Chairman Tom Perez all made appointments to the 21-person Commission. Through four working groups (Caucuses, Primaries, Unpledged delegates, and Party reform) the Commission focused on making recommendations to expand the base of the Democratic Party by making voting more accessible. The recommendations include:

  • Converting 60 percent of the superdelegates to pledged delegates based on the results of presidential primaries and caucuses.
  • Electoral reforms including same-day registration, same day party change, and absentee voting in caucus states.
  • Greater disclosure of Democratic National Committee spending and an Ombudsman Council of elected DNC members to review complaints about Charter and Bylaws violations.
  • An open nominating process for party leadership positions at the DNC and in all state parties, based on greater diversity and including different viewpoints.

“Senator Bernie Sanders’ eight appointments to the Unity Reform Commission remain ready to ensure the reforms are adopted by the DNC,” said Our Revolution President Nina Turner. “We will be actively engaged in pushing the Rules and Bylaws committee as well as the members of the DNC to adopt the full report.”