Senator Sanders Statement on DNC Chair Race

Keith Ellison has never been afraid of standing up to Wall Street, Big Oil, or any other special interest groups. He has not only been a leader of the Progressive Caucus in Congress, he has been one of the best at boosting voter turnout in his district and raising money through small-dollar donations. That's why Our Revolution joins Senator Bernie Sanders in supporting Keith Ellison for DNC Chair.

Today Senator Bernie Sanders said the following in a statement of his support for Keith Ellison for DNC Chair:

"As we encounter Donald Trump's extreme right-wing agenda, I am convinced more than ever that we need to build the Democratic Party into the dynamic grass-roots party it can be and that it needs to be so we can effectively fight back against Trump and his billionaire allies.  Last Saturday, when millions of women and their male allies took to the streets in almost every state in the country, we got a glimpse of what grass-roots activism looks like.  And that's exactly the kind of energy that the Democratic Party needs to tap into - state by state, county by county, town by town.  The reason I am strongly supporting Keith Ellison for Chair of the DNC is that Keith is, at heart, an organizer and a community activist.  He knows that real change never takes place from the top on down, but always from the bottom on up.  He knows that the Democratic Party must send a strong message to the working people and young people who feel so alienated from the political process.  I believe that Keith is the right candidate at the right time for DNC Chair -- a Chair who can build the coalition we need to defeat Trump's right wing agenda and win elections up and down the ballot."