Press Release

Trumps Pays for Huge Military Buildup with War on Middle Class and Working Families

WASHINGTON -- Despite promising to look out for the economic well-being of working families during his run for president, Trump’s new budget blueprint targets the very people he pledged to protect. To pay for his build up of war-making capacity, the budget blueprint guts funding to help everyday people as well as states and localities. 

“Trump is calling for a big military buildup, but the real war he is waging is against the well-being of middle income and working Americans and the communities they live in," said Our Revolution President Jeff Weaver. "This budget will be a disaster, especially for seniors and children. Cutting WIC will mean more hungry children. Cutting the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program means seniors in the north will go cold in the winter and seniors in the south suffer from the heat in the summer. The budget makes going to college more expensive at a time when many families cannot afford to pay for a higher education. And other education cuts mean a worse education for young children. Why is Trump going to war against our own people?”

The budget also slashes funding to address climate change and to help communities deal with its impact – including coastal communities dealing with rising seawater. Rural communities are also hit hard by the Trump blueprint.

“Why is Trump cutting off rural communities from air service that is needed to drive economic development?" Weaver continued. "Why is he cutting help for small businesses and rural businesses? Why is he hurting farmers by cutting the very Agriculture Department who work most closely with them? With this budget blueprint, Trump has really revealed his hand. First, he went after immigrants and Muslims.  Now, he’s quickly turned his attack on everyone else.”