TPP Toolkit

Join our push to stop the disastrous Trans-Pacific Partnership.

The Problem

The disastrous Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal would expand the same failed "free trade" policies that have already cost millions of jobs across the United States.

Last year President Obama sought, and won, approval from Congress to "fast track" trade deals. That means that he can submit the TPP to Congress and put it up for a vote without any amendments. Congress can approve it as-is, or reject it. That's it.

President Obama has said before that he would like to pass TPP in the lame duck session. We don't know if he's going to try this week, next week, or after the election, but we need to be ready to stop it in case he does try.

The Solution

If President Obama does force a vote, realistically our best chance at defeating TPP is in the House of Representatives.

Congress has a window of 90 days to take up the TPP, and we must use this window to defeat this trade deal.

Our goal is to drive 50,000 calls to Congress today to find out where our representatives stand on TPP. Use the button below to call your member of Congress (we'll call your phone to connect), or dial 844-311-2016 from your phone to be automatically connected to your representative.

1. Call Your Representative

Dial this Number:


2. Share This Page

Once you’ve called your Representative, help us reach our goal of 50,000 calls today by telling your friends you made the call to stand against the TPP.

3. Take Action

Print and share these flyers and fact sheets to help spread the word about the disastrous Trans-Pacific Partnership.

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