The Revolution Report: 2-27-21

Feb 28, 2021

 News from America’s political revolution! _____________________________________________________________ END OF MONTH DEADLINE!  This month we kicked-off our first-ever Movement Builder Membership Drive!  Even though the 2016 and 2020 elections are over, Our Revolution continues the fight for justice alongside Bernie Sanders.     We’re ONE DAY AWAY from our end of month deadline. Will […]

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The Revolution Report: 2-20-21

Feb 20, 2021

IN THIS ISSUE! Fight to keep 15$ in the COVID Relief Package, 5 Reasons to become a Movement Builder, local updates from Texas, defending $15 in Florida, fighting for Cancel Student Debt and a Green New Deal & MORE!

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The Revolution Report: 2-15-21

Feb 14, 2021

IN THIS ISSUE! Jim Hightower on the Democratic establishment, Rep. Ilhan Omar on student debt cancelation, and the latest from our leaders from California to Maine!

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The Revolution Report 2-6-21

Feb 6, 2021

Featuring: Our Movement Builder Member Launch, Actions with Rep. Ayanna Pressley & Rep. Ilhan Omar, local actions and endorsements, calls for $15 minimum wage

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The Revolution Report 1-30-20

Jan 30, 2021

Our Revolution Oregon’s 2021 Kickoff Call featured Sen. Jeff Merkley, who spoke about how he’s getting ready to introduce S.1 – For The People Act because we need “to restore a government that actually works for the people.” Our Revolution has endorsed this landmark legislation, which will enact urgent and long-overdue reforms that strengthen our democracy and that the American people overwhelmingly support — such as fighting special-interest and big money influence in our politics, expanding voting access, curbing gerrymandering, and more.

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The Revolution Report: 1-23-21

Jan 23, 2021

Featuring our progressive agenda to Fix the Senate & End the Filibuster, Bernie Meme stickers! Holding Biden accountable – and pushing him to the left, Fighting Corporate Monopolies, Transforming the Democratic Party, Endorsements & MORE

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The Revolution Report: 1-16-21

Jan 16, 2021

Featuring our 2021 progressive agenda, calls for the impeachment of Trump & accountability of all those involved, Sen. Bernie Sanders victory, Flipping the Senate – and fixing it, & more!

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The Revolution Report 12-19-20

Dec 19, 2020

Featuring Nina Turner, Georgia runoffs and MORE!

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The Revolution Report: 12-12-20

Dec 12, 2020

Our Revolution won’t let the political consultant class make the same mistake twice. That’s why Our Revolution onboarded experienced local organizers in Georgia to lead teams of volunteers to conduct safe daily canvasses. We’re knocking on every door in targeted rural and urban areas to boost turnout to record levels.

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The Revolution Report: 12-05-20

Dec 5, 2020

 Welcome to The Revolution Report – the weekly e-newsletter of our national grassroots organizing network!       _____________________________________________________________ ★ ★ ★ Join our Weekly National Organize to Win Call on Monday, December 7th at 8.30pm EST to learn about breaking progressive wins in Georgia and Illinois and get the latest […]

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