The Revolution Report: 11-21-20

Nov 21, 2020

Featuring updates on our Georgia Ground Game, Organizing to Save Our Postal Service, and our latest issue survey results! Happy Thanksgiving!

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The Revolution Report 11-14-20

Nov 14, 2020

 Welcome to The Revolution Report – the weekly e-newsletter of our national grassroots organizing network!       _____________________________________________________________ ★ ★ ★ Join us on Monday, November 16th at 8:30pm EST as we discuss our plan to win Georgia with Councilman khalid of South Fulton, GA and Georgia Public Service Commission […]

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The Revolution Report: 11-7-20

Nov 7, 2020

Election day progressive victories, local organizing, and monumental ballot measures!

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The Revolution Report: 10-31-20

Nov 1, 2020

3 days from the election. “The truth is that we are making significantly more voter contacts now than if we only relied on in-person rallies and door-to-door canvassing.”

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The Revolution Report: 10-24-20

Oct 25, 2020

Featuring Workers calling out Trump’s Broken Promises, Rep. Pramila Jayapal, Beth Doglio for Congress, Rep. Grijalva, Rep. Gallego, David Zuckerman for Governor of VT, Marijuana Legalization ballot initiatives, Black Lives Matter actions & MORE!

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The Revolution Report: 10-17-20

Oct 18, 2020

Featuring: Trump’s Broken Promises, Jim Hightower, Jamaal Bowman, Marie Newman, Mike Siegel, Georgette Gomez & MORE.

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The Revolution Report: 10-12-20

Oct 12, 2020

“Grassroots power has never been so important — it’s not about the names on the ballot, it’s about the issues we care about and it’s about our survival.”

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The Revolution Report: 10-09-20

Oct 9, 2020

Between now and Election Day, Our Revolution is zeroing in on organizing laid-off workers in critical “pivot counties” — counties which went for Obama-Biden twice, then flipped to Trump — as the cornerstone of our campaign to win pivotal states like Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Iowa.

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The Revolution Report: 9-28-20

Sep 28, 2020

Trump visited the Mahoning Valley in 2017 and told workers not to sell their homes. ‘We’re going to fill up those factories,’ he vowed. But he didn’t lift a finger when GM laid-off 14, 000 workers across Michigan, Maryland, and Ohio, including me.”

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The Revolution Report: 9-20-20

Sep 20, 2020

Trump’s bold pro-worker rhetoric in Ohio exposed Hillary Clinton’s weak spot during the 2016 race. Trump is using the same sales pitch

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