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The more of us organizing together, the more powerful we become to make democracy work for all of us.


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As the country’s largest grassroots progressive action organization, we count on the recurring small dollar donations of our members and supporters to power the work behind our inside-outside strategy for change.

From boots on the ground to the halls of Congress — It’s going to take an organized movement fighting on every terrain to take power back for the people.

When you become a member of Our Revolution, you’re funding our work on the inside and outside to make transformative change in America. You’ll have a voice in our strategy, our candidate endorsements, and our policy fights. Plus, special discounts and merch, of course.


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A message from US Rep. Pramila Jayapal on how progressives in Congress are working with Our Revolution members in an inside-outside strategy for change.

Take Action

Whether it’s raising your voice, showing up to political offices, making calls to help elect progressives, taking to the streets in protest, or organizing a union — we all have a role to play in making democracy work for the many.