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We organize nationally to break up corporate power, make housing affordable, stem gun violence, tax the rich, and more.

The Latest

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February 13, 2024

Urge Biden to Protect Forests

Our Revolution has joined forces with a coalition calling on President Biden to use executive action to halt the devastation caused by logging old-growth forests. Old-growth forests provide irreplaceable ecosystems…
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February 13, 2024

Bernie Votes No on Israel Funding

The Senate Democratic caucus just voted in support of $14 billion in funding for Israel. But not Bernie. Bernie stood firmly against continued U.S. support for Israel’s war in Gaza,…
January 20, 2024Policy Fights
January 23, 2024

Reducing the Threat of Nuclear War

Last weekend, Our Revolution played a major role in this year’s Reducing the Threat of Nuclear War Conference — one of the nation’s most significant gatherings of Nuclear Disarmament advocates,…

Our Work

Republicans hold the House, but we can still advance our policy agenda in 2023.  In the Senate, Bernie is the new Chairman of the HELP Committee (Health, Education, Labor and Pensions), and we’ve got his back as he takes on corporate greed, Big Pharma, and unionbusters!

The fight for Medicare for All continues, and Our Revolution is working to expose the injustice of medical debt.  We’re teaming up with One Fair Wage to eliminate subminimum wages in battleground states, and we’re partnering with folks like Greenpeace to push for climate action and defend the right to protest.

In 2022, President Biden used the power of the pen to expunge federal marijuana convictions, enact gun safety measures, and try to pass student debt relief.  Now, we must hold him accountable to his promises and deliver on paid sick leave, labor rights, ending drilling on federal lands, closing corporate tax loopholes, and much more.


Our Platform

Our Revolution’s 2023 Platform was created with the democratic input of members and volunteers around the country. 

These are just some of the top issues they identified for the coming year, though we continue to organize nationally and at the chapter level to break up corporate power, make housing affordable, stem gun violence, tax the rich, and more.

Defend Democracy

From the right-wing attacks on democracy to the corrosive influence of big money in politics, the few cannot be allowed to silence the many. We know that our issues are winning issues in a fair fight. We must “fix or nix” the filibuster, defend voting rights, push back against far right authoritarianism, and hold our elected officials accountable to the people – not wealthy campaign contributors. 

Medicare for All & Medical Debt

We are advancing the fight for a Medicare for All single-payer system that guarantees healthcare as a human right in America. We are working to grow cosponsors at the federal level, supporting universal healthcare state by state, and passing local M4A resolutions to build momentum. We must also support efforts to expand Medicare coverage, lower the Medicare age (eventually to 0), cut drug prices; and fend off Medicare privatization!

Climate Action/End Fossil Fuels

With our planet in crisis, our government cannot continue to subsidize environmental destruction and put the health of citizens and vulnerable communities at risk. It’s past time to take climate action, shift to renewable energy and energy efficiency, end taxpayer handouts to Big Oil, and stop drilling on federal lands – for a start.

Living Wage and a Union

Vast inequality and concentrated corporate power are destabilizing our democracy and economy. It’s time to use the levers of government power to raise wages, end sub-minimum wages like those received by tipped employees, extend paid family and medical leave, protect workers’ right to organize, and take on union busters. 

Criminal Justice Reform

Even though our adversaries will attempt to weaponize our grassroots efforts to transform the criminal justice system against us, we know we must fight for reform. That’s why we’re endorsing candidates who will work with us to end qualified immunity, fight for bail reform, legalize marijuana, and more.

Protect Reproductive Rights

With the help of rightwing courts and justices, the right-wing is turning back the clock on women’s rights. The right to choose is a matter of life and death and an issue of privacy and bodily autonomy. Congress must codify Roe v. Wade to protect this critical constitutional right.


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