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When we organize, we win.


Take Action
December 7, 2023

Make Calls for Barbara Lee

Our Revolution and the progressive movement are fighting for Barbara Lee because she has always fought for us — especially when the chips are down. That’s why I hope you’ll…
Progressive ChampionsTake Action
December 3, 2023

The Pro-Peace Progressives

Looking to the battles ahead in 2024, we know we must defeat the far right in the Presidential election while also electing more progressives to Congress — folks like Barbara…
Policy Fights
December 1, 2023

One Fair Wage in Chicago

Our Revolution members in Maryland turned out to show support for One Fair Wage last week with Montgomery Co. Exec. Marc Ulrich and Councilors Will Jawando and Kristin Mink to…

We are America’s largest grassroots-funded progressive political organizing group

Bernie Sanders launched Our Revolution to empower each of us to stand up to corporate interests and make our government and economy work for us. 


We build Progressive Power

from the ground up.

Our Revolution is electing progressives and building power at every level of government. We need as many allies as possible on the inside to organize with our outside movement for change.

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Building a Progressive America

From Medicare for All to climate action to taking on corporate power, we know there’s no time to waste and a better world is possible. That’s why Our Revolution is activating the grassroots, electing progressives, and carrying out an inside-outside strategy to deliver transformative change for people and the planet.


Every two weeks our coalition gathers for our LIVE National Organize-to-Win Call, where we talk directly with elected allies, progressive leaders, and partner groups about work to elect allies and win policy change.

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Join the Our Revolution Phone Bank Force to be part of our growing team of callers hitting the phones to build support for progressive policies and candidates up and down the ballot. Make an impact and move the needle on the issues that matter most!

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Become a Member language: As the country’s largest grassroots progressive action group, we rely on members to power our organizing work on the outside and inside the halls of power. Members help craft our strategy and endorsements and get merch discounts!