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Our Revolution is made up of local groups from all around the world. To add your existing group to, begin by filling out the form below.

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1. Group Information

We need some basic information about your group, including your group's name, location, and a short description of your group's mission to display on our website.

2. Public Group Representative

We want to drive people to your group, so we need to give them someone to reach out to. This information will be visible on our website, so don't share any information you don't want made public. Our Revolution will also use this information to get in touch with you regarding your local group.

3. Online Presence

In order to grow and maintain your group, it's important for you to be easily discoverable and engaged with your members. We'll share your social media accounts and website with anyone who views your local group page on our website.

4. Issues & Organizing Focus

If your group is organizing around specific issues, actions, or constituencies, let your potential members know.

5. Group Meeting Information

If you host local recurring meetings, we want to help you get people to them. If you haven't hosted any meetings or don't have any planned, you can leave this section blank. Visit our organizing resources for help planning and hosting events.

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