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The world is watching in horror as air strikes and tanks roll into the southern Gazan city of Rafah, where 1.3 million people have taken refuge from Netanyahu’s war.

Our Revolution stands in solidarity with students and helped mobilize over 600,000 “Uncommitted” Peace voters in battleground states and beyond to demand an end to the violence.  We’ve helped create outside grassroots pressure while our allies in the Congressional Progressive Caucus push on the inside to get President Biden to halt weapons to Israel in light of the Rafah invasion.  

As Bernie said, “We can no longer be complicit in Netanyahu’s horrific war against the Palestinian people.” Due to the overwhelming advocacy by our pro-Peace movement across the country, President Biden has started to shift his Gaza policy.

Our collective action is working Biden just halted a bomb shipment to Israel and said he will continue withholding weapons shipments until Netanyahu ends his ground offensive in Rafah.  

We must keep up the pressure. Demand a permanent end to U.S. complicity in the massacre in Gaza

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