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Sen. Bernie Sanders has joined us in endorsing Susheela Jayapal for Congress because she is a powerful voice for abortion rights, Medicare for All, peace, democracy, wages, housing, climate, and more.

Now, Sen. Jeff Merkley has spoken out against the dark money pouring into Oregon’s 3rd District:  “I strongly condemn the dark money campaign underway to smear Susheela Jayapal and any other dark money campaigns that are underway or planned,” he said.

More than $3 million is being spent on attack ads against Susheela and to prop up her opponent, Portland Mercury reported, but she has people power at her back. Susheela and her sister, Pramila Jayapal, were joined by the grassroots to knock more than 2,000 doors last weekend alone.

“Democratic voters here have made it very clear they don’t want AIPAC and MAGA money interfering in their primaries,” Andrea Cervone, Jayapal’s campaign manager, said.

Read the full story by The Intercept on how AIPAC money is targeting Susheela Jayapal in this critical congressional race here.

Susheela is an AIPAC target, just like Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar, Jamaal Bowman, and Pramila, because she has spoken out for the human rights of Palestinians — and stands against corporate power. 

Like Bernie said this week: “The billionaires who fund these SuperPACs are not only concerned about protecting Israel’s right to do whatever it wants, but also about protecting corporate interests.”

“And you have a lot of wonderful members of the House of Representatives, who have stood up for the working class, have taken on corporate interests, and have also expressed their deep concern with what Israel is doing in Gaza,” Bernie continued. “What you’re seeing, and this is the corruption of the American political system.”

He rightly points out that these are some of the best people in Congress, adding: “I’m going to do my best to protect them and defend them.” We here at Our Revolution completely agree, and will be working overtime to protect elected progressives under attack.