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This election year, we must stop a return of Trump to the White House, while also defending our progressive allies in Congress and electing new champions to expand the Congressional Progressive Caucus (CPC). Stay tuned for our new endorsements for Congress!

Right now, as a horrible war rages in Gaza, the pro-Netanyahu lobbying group AIPAC is deploying $100 million from rightwing donors in an attempt to unseat pro-Peace progressives in Congress, while also supporting pro-Insurrection Republican candidates in 2024.

That’s why Our Revolution is launching a massive grassroots mobilization campaign to reach 226,000 progressive voters in the 16 key districts that we’ve identified as crucial to win.

We’ve put together a strategic and cost-efficient plan to make 6 contacts per voter for just $1 — which means we need to raise $226,000 to maximize our impact in each of these districts.

Our Revolution will kick off this work with a LIVE Progressive Power Town Hall on April 22nd, hosted by Our Revolution and U.S. Rep. and CPC Chair Pramila Jayapal, and we want to make sure all the pieces are in place to fully fund this effort so we can deploy our volunteers and activists at the launch event.

AIPAC is already starting to roll out expensive ads targeting progressive leaders like Ilhan Omar, Jamaal Bowman, Summer Lee, and others. Our movement is ready to jump into action, but we need to know what resources we can count on as we set our strategy for the weeks and months to come.

Thanks to grassroots support, we’ve helped elect more than 1,000 progressives since Bernie founded Our Revolution, and we plan to grow that number in 2024. Let’s keep it going!