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Jovanka Beckles

Running for Assembly District 15
Election: Nov. 6, 2018

As a Richmond City Council member since 2010 and Richmond Vice Mayor since 2016, Jovanka has long been a strong advocate for progressive causes.  Always an avowed corporate cash-free candidate, she stood resolute against the Chevron Corporation's attempt to take over the Richmond City Council race in 2014 and helped win many concessions from Chevron, including a $114 million revenue agreement with the City. She went on to lead a City initiative to fight crime and violence by integrating formerly- incarcerated individuals back into the community.  Her "Ban the Box" ordinance prevents the City from disregarding applications for City employment because of previous incarceration. Vice Mayor Beckles also introduced the Richmond Municipal Identification Program, strongly supported by the Chief of Police, as a tool to improve police-community interaction. Consequently homicides have gone down in Richmond by 66%. She is also a strong advocate for Black Lives Matter and immigrant and LGBT rights.

Jovanka is campaigning on the following platform:

  1. Access to affordable healthcare for everyone via a single-payer program.

  2. A debt-free education system with strong public schools and tuition-free college.

  3. Community policing with better training for officers resulting in better communication with citizens and reduced crime.

  4. Affordable housing that prioritizes the protection of families and the elderly from sky-rocketing rents.

  5. A  resilient, localized economy that encourages living-wage jobs, employee-owned businesses and public banking, among other interests.

  6. A revitalized democracy with strong emphasis on getting corporate money out of politics and returning ownership of political power into the hands of the people.