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Our Revolution is excited to endorse Jovanka Beckles for California State Senate in 2024! 

We backed Jovanka in her successful runs for Richmond City Council, and she’s been twice backed by Bernie Sanders – including in 2014 when she took on Chevron for polluting her community and WON! 

As a city councilor, she was able to increase the minimum wage, pass rent control, pass Ban the Box, and support local labor unions. As a member of Teamsters Local 856, Jovanka can be found on picket lines at a moment’s notice. 

“These were progressive policies that I continued to push for even after being told they would be impossible to do on the local level,” Jovanka said on a recent Our Revolution broadcast. 

Jovanka would be the first black candidate to represent this district in nearly 40 years. She brings lived experience as a Black, Queer, immigrant, Latinx woman and a voice that is needed in state government. 

“I’m running because we need bold leadership who will be courageous on climate, healthcare, criminal justice reform, housing, taxing the rich, women’s and worker’s rights,” she said. “I’m proud to be a part of this movement for change, for a society that puts people over profit.” 

Our Revolution organizers are already getting started ahead of the March primary! Help us build a winning grassroots team now to make sure we’re ready to get Jovanka to victory as the next State Senator in California!