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Our Revolution is backing Aaron Regunberg for Congress in a special election to replace outgoing US Rep. David Cicilline in RI-1.

Electing Aaron means building on Cicilline’s work and making sure this seat stays progressive. It means keeping a yes vote for Medicare For All, canceling medical debt, and universal childcare. We cannot give up any ground.

Aaron started as a community organizer and became a State Rep, building coalitions to pass laws for paid sick days, higher wages, and renewable energy. And, as a new lawyer, he’s supported court cases to hold Big Oil companies accountable for their environmental crimes.

“There are so many issues that we can win real change on,” Aaron told us in this clip. “The cool thing about this race is that we have a really good shot to win this thing. If we do the work, if we organize our communities with the help of OR and your amazing members, we can win.”

We must protect this seat and keep up the work of taking on corporate power and fighting for regular people. Plug in with our team of organizers to help elect Aaron Regunberg on Election Day September 6th!