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“Our Revolution’s executive director, Joseph Geevarghese, said local progressive organizing, from mayor to school board, is more effective now than it has been in decades,” The Associated Press wrote. 

Thanks to our members and volunteers, our 400k voter contact operation helped propel Mayor Brandon Johnson to victory in Chicago and elect a progressive trifecta to lead St. Louis.

Local races are key to moving the progressive movement forward nationally, Our Revolution executive director Joseph Geevarghese told Billy Penn. “City and local governments are laboratories of policy experimentation,” he said.

Billy Penn highlighted our work to “turn out progressive super voters in Philadelphia,” where we’ll be mobilizing our 40k members and making 300k voter contacts over the next couple of weeks. 

“Our theory of change,” Joseph said, “is if we can get that slice of the electorate out, through multiple contacts, that can be a game changer.”

We’re also investing resources to elect a more progressive City Council to work with Helen, including Amanda McIllmurray — a working-class organizer who would be the first openly queer Council Member ever in the city.

In 2016, Amanda was working as a nanny, a law firm clerk, and a softball umpire when she got involved with the Bernie Sanders presidential campaign and later started organizing for local power.

“I’m running to win good jobs, affordable housing, worker’s rights, and universal family care,” Amanda said. As the daughter of union members, she knows “everyone deserves the chance to have just ONE job, a family-sustaining job.”