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Our Revolution is joined by Rashida Tlaib and former Congressman Andy Levin in this call to get progressives to ‘Vote Uncommitted’ as a push for Peace in the Michigan presidential primary on Feb. 27th.

We must send a clear message directly to the Biden campaign:  Change course NOW on Gaza or else risk losing Michigan to Trump in November.

If you’re in Michigan, pledge here to Vote Uncommitted on Tuesday!


“Our Revolution is throwing its weight behind the movement to vote Uncommitted in Michigan’s Democratic primary, seeking to pressure President Biden into changing his approach to the war between Israel and Hamas,” wrote the New York Times.

“It’s a strategic opportunity to send a signal to the president that he’s got to change course,” Our Revolution Executive Director Joseph Geevarghese told CBS News.

This effort intends to “realign with the values of his base, including young voters, voters of color, and Michigan’s significant Arab-American population,” reported John Nichols in The Nation.

“Months of protests and activism in cities across the country continue to be ignored, and this latest veto (of the UN ceasefire resolution) shows exactly why it’s imperative for voters to send a message to the Biden administration at the ballot box,” Joseph told The Hill.

“With just a few days until the Michigan primary vote, Biden’s blockade of the cease-fire resolution will only intensify the outrage and galvanize pro-peace voices to vote ‘uncommitted’ to make their voices heard,” Joseph said.

Our Revolution organizers are making calls, sending texts, and emailing 87,000 our members in Michigan — chip in so we can reach as many Michigan voters as possible.

The grassroots has already chipped in $12,000 for this project, but we need to raise $20,000. Can you make a donation now to help us close the gap? Thank you for being a voice for Peace!