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Our Revolution members are taking a stand against student debt. Nine of our activists spoke courageously at the recent Department of Education hearing, sharing their stories and demanding action. 

“My government is making money off of me,” Our Revolution member Lisa Rapaszky said at the hearing. Lisa owes more than $30,000 in student loan debt. “It’s just too much.” 

Student debt payments are set to restart at the end of next month – causing economic havoc in the midst of an affordability crisis – and our movement is ramping up the pressure. 

As Ro Khanna explained on our recent Debt Town Hall, President Biden can still use his executive authority to cancel debt, pause payments, and crack down on predatory lending practices – and 43 million of us and our families are counting on it. 

“The President should cancel student debt in the Higher Education Act. He should zero out the accounts,” Ro told us on Monday. “If the Supreme Court rules against us then let’s see if they’ll actually enforce the collection of debt that has already been canceled.”