We're transforming the Democratic Party from the ground up.

In 2017, we successfully reorganized over 18 state parties and 20 Democrats Abroad organizations, placing progressive local leaders in positions of power and giving the grassroots a major voice in sweeping national party reforms.

Together, we're creating a Democratic Party that is representative of the working people of this country.

Get Involved Locally

Across the country, voters have encountered outdated policies and structural flaws which made it more difficult to become politically involved: early voter registration cutoff dates, closed primaries, low voter enthusiasm and turnout. And they have been asking, "How do we fix this?"

The answer - get involved. Join your local party and vote on the party rules, the platform your state uses, and who represents your party on a state and national level.  Don’t worry if this is your first time getting involved in your local party; once you sign up we will send you a guide and resources provided by the local group on the ground that is leading the charge in transforming the party in your state.

Select your state below to learn more about how you can be a part of creating a grassroots people-powered party in your state!