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We polled thousands of Our Revolution members, and 41% told us they’re feeling depressed, angry, or unmotivated about the 2024 election. A quarter said the plan to vote for someone other than Joe Biden in the Democratic primaries. 

In our online Dem Primary Poll, 44% said they are likely to vote for Biden, 41% said they are likely to vote for another candidate, and 7.6% said not likely to vote. 

Meanwhile, despite Democrats pointing out all the horrors of Trump, national polls show him tied with or beating Biden in 2024. Democrats have a problem: the base is not excited about a Trump/Biden rematch and tacking to the right is crushing enthusiasm among key voting blocs. 

Voters want to see action on healthcare, climate, unions, and more – and the President still has time to act. There’s no getting around it, Democrats need to raise the standard of living for voters and go being messaging to show whose side they’re on. 

In an academic study of Our Revolution members by SUNY and William & Mary colleges, 47% say progressive groups should probably or definitely mount a nomination challenge to Biden in the 2024 Democratic Primary, and another 15% were unsure. 

Willingness to be involved in a Biden 2024 reelection campaign is down even from 2020 to just 47% if Biden is the nominee, the study showed. 

There’s a serious risk we could face another Trump term in 2024 – unless Democrats can deliver tangible results for working people in order to earn trust and votes. 

That’s why Our Revolution and our allies are working overtime to unify the progressive movement and focus our pressure on key demands like student debt relief, an end to medical debt, and urgent climate action.