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Aaron Regunberg has started to pull away as the front-runner in this crowded field for Congress just days ahead of Election Day – good timing that comes after a big rally with Bernie Sanders last weekend. 

Our Revolution members felt the excitement in the room for Regunberg, who has delivered paid sick days and higher wages for Rhode Islanders. In his day job as a lawyer, he’s held Big Oil accountable for environmental crimes. 

“Friends, we’re gonna win this thing, and we’re going to take these fights all the way to Congress,” Aaron told the crowd. “This is a district that can support more than just another Democrat, we can elect someone who is going to organize up there.” 

Bernie addressed a packed house for Aaron, saying: “This is not just about electing another member of Congress. We need leadership with the courage to take on the incredible power of the 1 percent.” 

“Brothers and sisters, this is a fight that Aaron alone will not be waging, that I alone will not be waging – now is the time for a political revolution of working families coming together to tell the people on top this country belongs to all of us,” Bernie said.