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News broke on Friday that President Biden canceled $39 billion in student debt for 800,000 borrowers through administrative fixes. 

This big win comes after Our Revolution hosted a live Student Debt Town Hall with Rep. Ro Khanna where our members shared powerful stories and discussed our inside-outside push. 

The President can still use his executive authority to cancel debt, pause payments, and crack down on predatory lending practices. 

“The President should cancel student debt in the Higher Education Act. He should zero out the accounts,” Ro told us on Monday. “If the Supreme Court rules against us then let’s see if they actually enforce the collection of debt that has already ben canceled.” 

“Congress has given the Executive the power to do this. The President needs to push and invoke these authorities and cancel it,” Ro said. “We’ve got to be assertive at a time that the other side is taking action that is unconstitutional.” 

While Rep. Khanna teams up with progressive lawmakers to work the levers of power from the inside, on a parallel outside track, we’re organizing our grassroots members to flood comments into the Secretary of Education to show the strength of our demand.