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David vs Goliath Krasnow

It may be David vs Goliath, but Our Revolution candidates in Vermont just won a major victory against the fossil fuel industry — one we hope to see replicated in state after state!

The historic legislation requires oil and gas companies to pay for the climate damage they cause. “If you make a mess, clean it up,” VT Rep. Emilie Krasnow said on our Fight for the Future Town Hall.

A barrage of climate catastrophes, including torrential flooding caused billions in damage last year and was a “real wake-up call for many,” she said. “Even our Republican Governor agrees that the burden should not rest on the taxpayers — on working Vermonters, small businesses, farmers.”

LT Gov Zuckerman Quote

Vermont Lt. Gov. David Zuckerman told us he and Emilie will keep pushing for legislation to transition the state’s biggest power companies to 100% renewable energy, which the Governor vetoed this round.

Zuckerman has worked with Bernie for decades, so he knows uphill battles that can be won. He’s also a lifelong farmer who has experienced the devastation of climate events firsthand and seen people come together in times of environmental crisis. 

“We can’t let them pit us against each other,” David told us. “Climate affects all of us. When we unite, we are more powerful than the corporate powers. We just have to see it.”

Early voting for the Vermont primary starts in just 2 weeks and runs through Aug. 13th, when Emilie, David, and Bernie Sanders will all be on the ballot for re-election. 

Donate any amount to make sure Our Revolution maxes out our GOTV work to re-elect Bernie and climate champs like Emilie Krasnow, and David Zuckerman in Vermont!

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