The Revolution Report 6-12-21

 News from the Frontlines of the Political Revolution! _____________________________________________________________ ★ ★ ★ Join us on our Monday Night Organize to Win Call featuring  US Rep. Pramila Jayapal, chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, on our strategy to get progressive priorities passed in Congress;  newly-elected San Antonio City Councilor Teri Castillo […]

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The Revolution Report: 12-12-20

Our Revolution won’t let the political consultant class make the same mistake twice. That’s why Our Revolution onboarded experienced local organizers in Georgia to lead teams of volunteers to conduct safe daily canvasses. We’re knocking on every door in targeted rural and urban areas to boost turnout to record levels.

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The Revolution Report 11-14-20

 Welcome to The Revolution Report – the weekly e-newsletter of our national grassroots organizing network!       _____________________________________________________________ ★ ★ ★ Join us on Monday, November 16th at 8:30pm EST as we discuss our plan to win Georgia with Councilman khalid of South Fulton, GA and Georgia Public Service Commission […]

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