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HEADLINES: Fight for the Future Town Hall | Bowman vs. AIPAC | Vermont’s Big Win vs. Big Oil | NEW Endorsements in NY, CO | Bernie: End Polluter Welfare | Worker Organizing with NLRB | & MORE!

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AIPAC and Trump donors are spending $25 million trying to unseat Congressman Jamaal Bowman — a champion for peace, climate, reproductive rights, and racial justice.

Hillary Clinton just joined them in supporting his opponent, a corporate Dem taking money from anti-abortion Republicans who oppose Biden’s agenda to tax the rich.

Pitch in whatever you can so we can ramp up our GOTV operation for Bowman as early voting starts today!

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Not only is our democracy on the line but so is the fate of our planet. We have to fight back against the big money trying to buy our elections and buy policy that enriches Big Oil at our expense.

That’s why Our Revolution hosted our Fight for the Future Town Hall on Monday with U.S. Rep. Jamaal Bowman, Vermont Lt. Gov. David Zuckerman, Vermont Rep. Emilie Krasnow, and Rev. Lennox Yearwood Jr. of the Hip Hop Caucus.

Our movement is mobilizing to re-elect these powerhouse climate champions and organize for the next phase of the climate fight. To do that, we have to out-organize the Big Money flooding Democratic primaries from right-wing billionaires, corporate cronies, AIPAC, and MAGA donors.

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Early voting starts TODAY in New York, and Our Revolution is part of a progressive coalition hitting the streets and the phones for Jamaal Bowman in this final stretch to Election Day June 25th.

Up to $25 MILLION is pouring into the NY-16 primary in a coordinated effort to try to replace Bowman with a corporate Democrat, who has become the largest recipient of AIPAC money so far this election cycle.

“They dropped another million on their ads,” Bowman said at our Town Hall Monday. “They’re spending an astronomical amount simply because we’re fighting for peace and justice, equality and humanity, and especially because we called for a permanent ceasefire in Gaza.”

Bowman is also under assault from MAGA money — “the same money that goes to fighting abortion rights from women, voting rights, climate action,” he told us. “They don’t want a working-class person in this seat, they want someone who will bend the knee to Big Money in politics — which we’ll never, ever do because that’s what’s accelerating the destruction of our democracy.”

Like Jamaal said, “Organized people beat organized money every time.” If you’re near NYC, we need you to join us in knocking on doors during this final stretch! Bernie and AOC will also be coming in for a rally.

All hands on deck! Sign up here to GOTV with fellow progressives for Jamaal Bowman.

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It may be David vs Goliath, but Our Revolution candidates in Vermont just won a major victory against the fossil fuel industry — one we hope to see replicated in state after state!

The historic legislation requires oil and gas companies to pay for the climate damage they cause. “If you make a mess, clean it up,” VT Rep. Emilie Krasnow said on our Fight for the Future Town Hall.

A barrage of climate catastrophes, including torrential flooding caused billions in damage last year and was a “real wake-up call for many,” she said. “Even our Republican Governor agrees that the burden should not rest on the taxpayers — on working Vermonters, small businesses, farmers.”

Vermont Lt. Gov. David Zuckerman told us he and Emilie will keep pushing for legislation to transition the state’s biggest power companies to 100% renewable energy, which the Governor vetoed this round.

Zuckerman has worked with Bernie for decades, so he knows uphill battles that can be won. He’s also a lifelong farmer who has experienced the devastation of climate events firsthand and seen people come together in times of environmental crisis.

“We can’t let them pit us against each other,” David told us. “Climate affects all of us. When we unite, we are more powerful than the corporate powers. We just have to see it.”

Early voting for the Vermont primary starts in just 2 weeks and runs through Aug. 13th, when Emilie, David, and Bernie Sanders will all be on the ballot for re-election.

Donate any amount to make sure Our Revolution maxes out our GOTV work to re-elect Bernie and climate champs like Emilie Krasnow, and David Zuckerman in Vermont!

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Speaking of Bernie — while Donald Trump is begging Big Oil for a billion dollars to help get him back in the White House, our coalition for climate is taking the fight against fossil fuels to the next level.

Sen. Bernie Sanders and U.S. Rep. Ilhan Omar recently introduced the End Polluter Welfare Act in Congress to end tax loopholes and taxpayer handouts to the fossil fuel industry.

It’s time to demand our politicians stop using OUR MONEY to pay oil and gas companies to kill us. We must break their deadly business model, and forge a path to a clean energy paradigm — now before it’s too late.

Rev. Lennox Yearwood Jr., President of the Hip Hop Caucus, inspired us all on the Fight for the Future Town Hall as he called for us to break out of our siloes and reach folks with a clear, unifying message:

“We’re on the brink. We must stop using our tax dollars to fund the madness of our extinction. As human beings, we must say, ‘No, we will not fund our destruction anymore,” Rev. Yearwood said.

“The Trump tax breaks expire in 2025, so this is an opportunity, a critical moment in history,” he urged. “This is not a partisan issue, I don’t know anybody who wants to pay someone to poison their child.”

Every dollar you donate to Our Revolution helps us mobilize the grassroots to support crucial legislation like Bernie’s bill to End Polluter Welfare. Chip in today!

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In addition to Jamaal Bowman in New York, Our Revolution is also supporting FIVE progressives for state assembly seats — this is how we build out the legislature with champions for climate, healthcare, housing, wages, and justice.

If you’re in New York state or know someone who is, let folks know about these powerhouse progressive champs on the ballot: Sarahana Shrestha (AD-103), Claire Cousin (AD-106), Jessica Gonzalez-Rojas (AD-34), Eon Tyrell Huntley (AD-56), and Gabriella Romero (AD-109).

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Our Revolution is excited to endorse NINE progressives for the Colorado Legislature!

For State House we’re backing: Tim Hernandez (HD-4), Junie Joseph (HD-10), Kyra deGruy Kennedy (HD-30), Manny Rutinel (HD-32), Bryan Lindstrom (HD-36), Sarah McKeen (HD-51), Yara Zokaie (HD-52), and Andrew Boesenecker (HD-53).

And, we are supporting Mike Weissman for State Senate (District 28). The Colorado primary is June 25th and early voting starts this Tuesday (June 17th)!

Please chip in any amount to power our voter turnout operations across the country in 2024. As we battle Trump and the far right, we must invest in defending AND expanding progressive power up and down the ballot.

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On Tuesday, we joined a LIVE event on Worker Organizing with the Economic Policy Institute and discussed new developments at the National Labor Relations Board.

NLRB General Counsel Jennifer Abruzzo gave us a breakdown of all the major reforms her office has undertaken. And, Our Revolution Chair Larry Cohen - former President of the Communications Workers of America - joined her on a panel to talk about the impact on workplace organizing.

The NLRB has taken great measures to support worker organizing and bargaining rights under the Biden administration, and we got to hear from Cindy Estrada, Strategic Advisor to the President of the Center for Transformational Organizing, AFL-CIO.

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Jamaal Bowman is not the only one under serious attack. Right-wing billionaires, corporate cronies, AIPAC, and MAGA donors are pouring millions into Democratic primaries trying to unseat some of our top progressive champions in Congress.

We refuse to let powerful voices like Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar, Cori Bush, Pramila Jayapal, and others be silenced by the donor class. Even Politico is highlighting the scourge of Republican money being dumped into Democratic primaries.

Our Revolution and the grassroots progressive movement are mobilizing in districts across the country right now to out-organize the Big Money. This means speaking directly to voters through phone banks, online outreach, and knocking on doors.


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We heard from Congressman Jamaal Bowman on our call Monday about how he is under attack by AIPAC and MAGA in his run for re-election in NY-16 — but people power can beat big money in this race.

We hope you’ll sign up to hit the streets as part of our GOTV operation, led by Our Revolution Volunteer Organizer Joe Lawrence.


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At this moment, we must carry the message of peace in any way we can. Every purchase from our merch store helps fund our movement. Check it out here!

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