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HEADLINES: State of the Union: Biden Calls for Temporary 'Ceasefire' | Pressure for Peace is Working | Mobilizing Peace Votes for Washington Primary | Super Tuesday Victories! | & MORE!

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Our Revolution is mobilizing for Peace and it’s working. We are investing big in our campaign for a permanent ceasefire in Gaza — and we need your help! Thank you for being a voice for Peace.

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From mobilizing more than 375,000 votes for Peace in Michigan and the Super Tuesday primaries to hearing President Biden call for a temporary “Ceasefire” and more aid for Gaza at the State of the Union — it’s been a big week in progressive politics.

Biden acknowledged in his speech Thursday that the 30,000 people killed in Gaza are primarily innocent civilians, and said he will be “working nonstop to establish an immediate ceasefire to last 6 weeks to get all the hostages released.. and build toward something more enduring.”

This is a start. But, while he’s looking to set up a pier on the coast of Gaza to deliver more food, medicine, and aid to the Palestinian people, what he did not announce was an end to U.S. support and weapons fueling Netanyahu’s War on Gaza.

That’s why we must keep up the drum beat for a true and lasting Peace. We need a permanent ceasefire ASAP.

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The Uncommitted Vote is gaining momentum state by state — from Michigan to Minnesota to North Carolina, voters are sending a clear message to President Biden: End unconditional support for Netanyahu and broker a permanent ceasefire.

Our grassroots supporters and activists have helped turnout more than 375,000 votes across the country in just over a week. And, this Tuesday is Washington state’s chance to be the next megaphone for Peace!

Our Revolution is mobilizing our 132,000 supporters in Washington to get out the vote for ‘Uncommitted Delegates’ to urge Biden to change course on Gaza and save lives.

As Our Revolution Executive Director Joseph Geevarghese told CalMatters this week, this shift is also necessary for Biden to realign with the young voters, progressives, and voters of color who won him the White House in 2020.

“Coming off the momentum generated in Michigan, we need to continue lifting up our voices and sending a clear message to President Biden—we need a ceasefire now,” Joseph told The Daily Beast. “If he doesn’t change course, he will be putting our Democracy at risk.”

Let’s maintain our momentum - adding more “Uncommitted” votes from Washington State to the overall tally will send a powerful message: President Biden must realign with the values of the base or risk losing peace voters in November.

This work is critical but it's also expensive. Please chip in to help us meet our $5,000 goal to make hundreds of thousands of voter contacts by phone, text, and email ahead of Tuesday!

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Barbara Lee didn’t get across the finish line, but our work for her Senate campaign was not in vain. Every vote for Barbara was a vote for the Peace Candidate in this race.

Our supporters and volunteers reached out with approximately 2 MILLION voter contacts, and we were joined along the way by Ro Khanna, Pramilia Jayapal, Rashida Tlaib, Cori Bush and other progressive leaders to lift up Barbara and our issue priorities for Peace, healthcare for all, environmental justice, housing, and much more.

We accomplished a lot in face of big money headwinds and the party machine backing Adam Schiff. It’s unfortunate that Schiff used his plentiful resources to elevate two-time Trump voter and Republican opponent Steve Garvey — a strategy that may have backfired now that the two are neck-and-neck for the general election in November.

“Despite being heavily outspent by my opponents, our values never wavered,” Barbara said. “In every step of this campaign, we never backed down from our progressive vision, and worked relentlessly to build a coalition that represents communities that too often are not afforded a seat at the table.”

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Our Revolution-endorsed Lateefah Simon came out on top in her race for Congress, and now heads to the general election to succeed Barbara Lee in California’s District 12.

As a veteran organizer and advocate for civil rights and social justice, Lateefah is sure to carry on Barbara’s legacy in the seat.

She will bring a strong voice for universal healthcare, peace, housing, reproductive justice, and more. As Barbara said, “Lateefah is from the community and for the community.”

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Our Revolution is excited to report that Marisol Rubio has succeeded in her primary race for CA State Senate in District 9, and will be heading to the general election in November!

As state senator, Marisol Rubio will dedicate more resources towards California’s housing crisis, tackle homelessness, fight for healthcare justice, and treat the climate crisis with the urgency it requires.

Votes are still being counted in California, and we’re happy to report that many of our candidates are in the lead but we can’t announce them just yet. Stay tuned for more progressive victories!

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As the 2024 elections get into full swing, we’d love to hear from you about candidates our members are excited about! Email our political team at to nominate candidates for Our Revolution’s endorsement.

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Every seat matters. That’s why Our Revolution is gearing up NOW for 2024 to expand our organizational capacity and our voter turnout operation for the crucial battles to come.

Not only must we defeat Donald Trump and the far right, but we have got to take back the House, and elect strong, progressive leaders to turn this ship around.

If you can, please kick in a few bucks or commit to a recurring donation to help us staff up and get to work — there’s no time to waste!

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AIPAC lobbyists are already preparing to spend more than $100 MILLION to try to unseat some of our strongest peace champions in Congress, including Pramila Jayapal, Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar, Cori Bush, Summer Lee, and others.

Progressives are under attack for demanding a Ceasefire and an end to the killing of thousands of Palestinian civilians and children — and we must have their back in 2024.

Help fund our phone banks, texting, and voter-to-voter mobilization to defend and expand progressive power in Congress and beyond. We must make sure our most powerful anti-war voices are not silenced by big money in 2024.

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From boots on the ground to the halls of Congress — we are building an organized progressive movement at every level of government. If you’re already a member of Our Revolution, THANK YOU! If you’re not yet an official member, please consider signing up for a recurring monthly donation today!


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