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Our Revolution – America’s largest progressive political action organization – is proud to stand in solidarity with American Muslim Advancement Council, UFCW Local 3000, Seattle DSA, LTM and others who helped power the Washington Uncommitted campaign.

In Washington’s primary, Our Revolution went all-out to mobilize our 132,000 supporters by phone, text, and email.  We also teamed up with Dep. Mayo Rami Al-Kabra of Bothell, WA, to record a robodial message heard by tens of thousands of voters as they got ready to head to the polls. 

Because of our coalition’s collective work, almost 10% of WA primary voters cast a protest vote against President Biden’s complicity in Netanayhu’s brutal war targeting civilians in Gaza. 

And that means nationally, nearly half a million progressive primary voters across the country have used their ballots to send Biden a message:  Change course now on Gaza or cede the White House and the future of American democracy to Trump. 

We see that our pressure campaign for Peace, here and in key battleground states like Michigan Minnesota and NC, is working. President Biden is now calling for a temporary ceasefire and signaled willingness to condition aid to Israel

These are words – not action.  In order to shore up the progressive vote, Biden must secure a permanent ceasefire by any means necessary.   

And until he does, Our Revolution will continue to show up, speak out, and carry our pro-peace movement to Wisconsin and beyond.