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Last week, Our Revolution joined Sen. Bernie Sanders, US Rep. Ro Khanna, and service workers from around the country for a special Covid Memorial event hosted by One Fair Wage.

“This memorial service asks us to remember not just the 12,000 service workers who lost their lives in the pandemic, but all the lives harmed by the restaurant industry’s exploitative business model built on subminimum wages, not paying benefits, and leaving workers vulnerable to abuses,” said Our Revolution Executive Director Joseph Geevarghese.

Bernie said:  “What Covid taught us is that if you have a lot of money in the midst of a terrible pandemic, you can retreat to your home and not get exposed, but if you’re a working person – in the service industry – there was no option. You had to go to work and put your life on the line to feed your family.”

Our Revolution is proud to stand in solidarity to fight state by state to raise wages and radically reform how the industry treats workers. “‘Our role is to pray for the dead and fight like hell for the living.’ That’s what we’re called to do,” Joseph quoted legendary labor leader Mother Jones.