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HEADLINES: Bernie Votes NO on Israel Funding | Meet Our New CA Slate Endorsements! | US Reps. Ro Khanna, Ayanna Pressley Join our LIVE Call | Barbara Lee Rally/Canvass in SF | Tell Biden: Save Old Growth Forests | & MORE!

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Your grassroots support has never been more important. If you’re not already a member of Our Revolution, please consider committing to a monthly contribution or a one-time donation today!

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This week, Our Revolution kicked off the start of early voting in California by hosting a LIVE virtual GOTV event with U.S. Reps. Barbara Lee, Ro Khanna, and Ayanna Pressley, and congressional candidate Lateefah Simon!

Ballots are arriving in mailboxes, and we’re mobilizing to get out the vote on behalf of powerful progressive slates across the state with candidates for Congress, critical state and local offices, and Democratic committee seats to help transform the party.

We’ve endorsed a total of 95 progressive candidates in California, and we’re activating our grassroots army to power our massive GOTV operation - from calling and texting to knocking doors.

Our Revolution organizers and volunteers have already made 1 million voter contacts into California. Help us reach our goal of making another 1 million before voting ends on March 5th.

Barbara Lee told us Monday how much love she is feeling from the progressive movement in this final stretch of her campaign for Senate.

“We got the highest vote in the convention because of all of you, and we’re going to take the top two on March 5th because of this multiracial, multigenerational coalition,” she said.

“In the Senate, I’m going to take on the challenge of forging peace,” Barbara stated. She was the first to call for a ceasefire in this race because she understands the humanitarian catastrophe taking place in Gaza.

“Peace, poverty, climate, making billionaires pay their fair share — these are the progressive issues that need a bigger megaphone in the U.S. Senate,” she said.

She reminded voters that they’ll need to vote for her twice: once to serve the remainder of the term left by the late Dianne Feinstein, and once to serve the full 6-year term beginning in 2025. (Yes, this is legal and correct!)

Want to hit the streets with Congresswoman Barbara Lee?

Join Our Revolution organizers and volunteers in San Francisco as we rally and go door knocking to GOTV with Barbara Lee for Senate on Saturday, Feb. 17th!

We’ll be there with SF Education Alliance, SF Berniecrats, Bayard Rustin LGBTQ Coalition, Harvey Milk LGBTQ Democratic Club, CA Working Families Party, Reproductive Freedom for All, SF Latinx Democratic Club, and other great friends!


Our Revolution is also proud to join Barbara Lee in endorsing Lateefah Simon to succeed her as the Congresswoman from District 12.

Lateefah is a veteran organizer and nationally recognized advocate for civil rights and social justice. Having lost her husband, she’s committed to single-payer healthcare for all.

She is also a strong advocate for reducing military spending, putting peace first, and lifting up priorities of housing, reproductive justice, and more.

As Barbara said, “Lateefah is from the community and for the community.”

“From her work supporting young women and trans youth to fighting to make public transit more affordable, she is a fierce advocate and proven leader,” Barbara continued. “It’s my honor to pass the blue baton to Lateefah.”

Lateefah told us Monday that during her 30 years of organizing, Barbara Lee has been a close mentor and she’s honored to follow in her footsteps.

“Congresswoman Barbara Lee’s legacy and decades of service to the people of our district are incomparable,” said Lateefah. “She has been a voice for moral clarity in Congress and boldly represented the progressive values of this district.”


U.S. Rep. Ro Khanna, who is chairing Barbara’s campaign, spoke to us Monday about the dire need for her strong antiwar voice in the Senate.

“Barbara Lee would make a difference on Day 1 to get equal human rights for Palestinians and make sure we don’t get into another war in the Middle East,” Ro said.

“She is a true fighter for transformative change — for racial justice and reproductive rights, for Medicare for All and housing policy and a living wage,” he continued.

Ro said there are still around 30% of voters still undecided in California about the Senate race. “I know that she can win this campaign. If we’re active, if we’re mobilized, she can be in the top two, and that difference is going to be all of us.”

U.S. Rep. Ayanna Pressley was celebrating her birthday when she joined our GOTV Call Monday night to root on her mentor Barbara Lee.

Last time Ayanna was on our call was in September, when she announced her endorsement for Barbara Lee for Senate alongside fellow progressive Congress members like Cori Bush, Pramila Jayapal, Rashida Tlaib, Mark Pocan, and others.

There’s a reason not only the grassroots but progressive leadership are all in for Barbara Lee:

“Barbara is the OG. She gets things done. She has courage and the strength of her convictions,” Ayanna said. “I’m so grateful for her example. She’s an icon, a mentor… she has blazed a trail! The whole country would benefit from a Senator Barbara Lee.”

Fatima Iqbal-Zubair serves as the Progressive Caucus Chair for the California Democratic Party - the largest progressive caucus in the country.

She knows the importance of mobilizing progressives - not just to vote, but to get active in getting candidates like Barbara across the finish line.

“We need folks making calls, knocking on doors — that’s how we win, people power,” Fatima said. “Barbara came in first at the CA Democratic Convention because progressive delegates organized.”

“I support Barbara Lee for Senate because she is a true progressive who has always stood with the most marginalized,” she said. “We need progressives to turn out and work for Barbara and all the way down ballot as well.”

Organized people can beat organized money, and these races are going to come down to our grassroots power. Pitch in today to fuel our GOTV operation in 2024.

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Our Revolution has endorsed a total of 95 candidates in California, and counting!

You have already met our slates in Sacramento - where we can elect Sean Frame to the CA Assembly and win a progressive majority on the City Council - and San Francisco, where we’ve endorsed two judges facing right-wing “tough on crime” opponents in addition to many candidates running to transform the party.

Now, we’re excited to introduce you to the slates of progressive candidates endorsed by Our Revolution in Alameda and Contra Costa counties and Southern California!

We are running a massive GOTV operation on the ground, on the phones, by mail and through voter to voter conversations. Chip in to help us build progressive power in California and beyond this election year.

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In addition to Barbara Lee and Lateefah Simon heading up our Alameda County Progressive Power Slate, Our Revolution is proud to endorse two candidates for CA State Senate, Marisol Rubio (D-9) and Jovanka Beckles (D-7), and Jennifer Esteen for County Board of Supervisors (D-4).

Our slate of champions are taking on anti-union and pro-school privatization opponents and running on strong platforms of progressive change.

And, we have 30 progressives (!) running for important seats on the Democratic Party of Alameda County Central Committee in Districts 14, 16, 18, 20 and 24.

This is how we push back against the establishment and make the party more democratic, transparent, and responsive to the grassroots.

Click here to visit our website to learn more about our entire Alameda County Progressive Power Slate!

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In Contra Costa County, folks can vote for Jovanka Beckles and Marisol Rubio for State Senate because of overlapping districts, but they can also cast a ballot for Monica Wilson for CA Assembly in District 15.

These candidates have a real shot at winning and holding key seats to build movement power and leverage that advances our progressive priorities against the political establishment.

We also have great candidates seeking to do just that if elected to the Democratic Party of Contra Costa County Central Committee:

District 1: Cameron Sasai, Jamin Pursell, Devin T. Murphy

District 2: Marisol Rubio, Alexandria Marisol Rubio-Talavera

District 4: Leslie Baxter, Michelle Simone, Ena Silva, Laura Patch

We need to continue our transformation of the California Democratic Party from the inside out. Click here for more info about this slate on our new web page!

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Alex Mohajer is running for CA State Senate in the 37th Senate District, representing his hometown in Orange County. An LGBTQ+ civic leader, Alex will make history as the first openly gay legislator elected from Orange County and the first openly gay Iranian man elected anywhere in the world.

Our Revolution is endorsing Sade Elhawary for CA State Assembly (District 57). An educator, organizer, and foster parent, Sade is the eldest daughter of immigrants who is deeply committed to transforming underserved communities.

Our Revolution supports Tina McKinnor for CA State Assembly (District 61). She has served as Chief of Staff to several Assembly members and led the passage of over 100 bills, including historic legislation that gave the California legislative staff the right to unionize and collectively bargain for the first time in the state's history.

Nithya Raman is the most progressive choice for LA City Council (District 4). Nithya has worked to remedy extreme poverty in India and started a grassroots volunteer program in her community in Los Angeles which reduced the number of unsheltered homeless in her district for the first time in years.

For Pasadena City Council, we’re endorsing Jonathan Horton (District 3) and Brandon Lamar (District 4), the former 3rd VP of the Pasadena NAACP and Chair of the Human Relations Commission of Pasadena.

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As the 2024 elections get into full swing, we’d love to hear from you about candidates our members are excited about! Email our political team at to nominate candidates for Our Revolution’s endorsement.

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The Senate Democratic caucus just voted in support of $14 billion in funding for Israel. But not Bernie. Bernie stood firmly against continued U.S. support for Israel’s war in Gaza, which has killed more than 27,000 Palestinians.

AIPAC is a big reason why support for Netanyahu’s war is so strong on Capitol Hill and in the White House. And AIPAC has promised to spend $100 million against pro-Peace progressives like Bernie, Barbara Lee, Rashida Tlaib, Pramila Jayapal, AOC, and Summer Lee in 2024.

AIPAC donates to both corporate Democrats and insurrectionists, and they’re funded by right-wing billionaires and Trump mega-donors. We have beat big money before and we can do it again.

Chip in today to directly support our work to defend and expand the progressive caucus against $100,000,000 of AIPAC spending. We’re counting on your support!

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Our Revolution has joined forces with a coalition calling on President Biden to use executive action to halt the devastation caused by logging old-growth forests.

Old-growth forests provide irreplaceable ecosystems to countless endangered species and are key to climate change mitigation — and 95% have been destroyed forever.

This is another tragic case of corporate interests dominating all other stakeholders and capturing government policy to serve their bottom line at the expense of the rest of us.

Sign your name now to urge President Biden to use his executive authority to protect these forests before it's too late.

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You can help elect Barbara Lee from anywhere in the country by making calls as part of Our Revolution’s Phone Bank Team. It’s a lot of fun, but this is serious business because we know what it would mean to get a powerhouse like Barbara in the U.S. Senate!


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Every seat matters. That’s why Our Revolution is gearing up NOW for 2024 to expand our organizational capacity and our voter turnout operation for the crucial battles to come.

Not only must we defeat Donald Trump and the far right, but we have got to take back the House, defeat enemies of progress like Kyrsten Sinema in the Senate, and elect amazing progressives like Barbara Lee to turn this ship around.

If you can, please kick in a few bucks to help us staff up for the big elections ahead in 2024 — there’s no time to waste!

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AIPAC lobbyists are already preparing to spend more than $100 MILLION to try to unseat some of our strongest peace champions in Congress, including Pramila Jayapal, Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar, Cori Bush, Summer Lee, and others.

Progressives are ​​under attack for demanding a Ceasefire and an end to the killing of thousands of Palestinian civilians and children — and we must have their back in 2024.

Help fund Our Revolution’s voter outreach operation by pitching in any amount or committing to a recurring contribution. We must make sure our most powerful anti-war voices are not silenced by big money in 2024.

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From boots on the ground to the halls of Congress — we are building an organized progressive movement at every level of government. If you’re already a member of Our Revolution, THANK YOU! If you’re not yet an official member, please consider signing up for a recurring monthly donation today!


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