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Our Revolution is building progressive power in San Francisco and statewide in California! That’s why we’ve endorsed Barbara Lee for U.S. Senate.

Our Revolution is working to transform the Democratic Party in San Francisco and beyond. Find your Assembly District to see if you can vote for these candidates!

John Avalos
Patrick Bell
Gloria Berry
Vick Chung
Peter Gallotta
Kristin Hardy
Jane Kim
Jeremy Lee
Anita Martinez
Michael Nguyen
Joshua Rudy Ochoa
Sal Rosselli
Sydney Simpson
Adolpho Velasquez
Connie Chan
Queen Chen
Natalie Gee
Greg Hardeman
Frances Hsieh
Hene Kelly
Leah LaCroix
Sandra Lee Fewer
Gordon Mar
Mano Raju

What's at Stake

In San Francisco, a group funded by corporate billionaires has pledged to spend $850,000 in the Democratic County Central Committee race opposing this slate of diverse, progressive leaders who represent everyday San Francisco values.

We need to maintain these seats to continue our transformation of the California Democratic Party from the inside out.

From community activists working to preserve affordable housing in underserved communities and fighting on the front lines of the climate crisis to children of first-generation immigrants and retired healthcare workers. We have an incredibly inspiring slate of progressives running in San Francisco!

How to Vote

Vote by mail – To get a mail-in ballot for the upcoming election, you must register to vote by February 20th. If you miss the deadline you can still vote in person on Election day 3/5/24! Click here to learn about same day registration.

Vote early in person – In person voting begins Feb 5th at the City Hall Voting Center located at 1 Dr. Carlton B. Goodlett Place San Francisco, CA 94102. Click here for polling hours

Election Day – Polls are open 7am-8pm!  Find your polling location