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President Biden shows no willingness to slow down America’s shipments of weapons to Israel — he’s already sent more than $570 million worth of bombs to Netanyahu since the start of this war. The only way forward right now is peace, diplomacy, and an immediate, permanent Ceasefire.

Add your name: President Biden must choose Peace in Gaza. Demand that he do everything in his power to help broker a permanent Ceasefire NOW!  

As Bernie has said for months, “Not another nickel for Netanyahu’s immoral war against the Palestinian people.”

Bernie’s courageous advocacy alongside other pro-Peace progressives like Rashida Tlaib, Barbara Lee, Ilhan Omar, Summer Lee, and Pramila Jayapal cannot stop and will not stop until there’s peace in Gaza. They won’t stop advocating for an end to financial support for Netanyahu’s war. And they won’t stop calling for an end to arming Israel with the weapons used to kill Palestinian civilians.

But it appears President Biden won’t stop arming Israel, even as Netanyahu’s war is killing civilians and Israeli forces are blocking food, water, and medical aid to the people of Gaza. The way forward is PEACE NOW so Netanyahu ends his bombing campaigns against the Palestinian people.

Add your name: Ceasefire NOW! No more atrocities against the Palestinian people. Peace and diplomacy are the only way to save Gaza.