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HEADLINES: Reject AIPAC Coalition Battling $100M Aimed at Progressives | Half a Million Uncommitted Votes for Peace! | New Endorsement: Susheela Jayapal for Congress | CA & OH Victories! | & MORE!

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Our Revolution is holding a Member Drive right now to make sure we have the resources to defend pro-Peace progressives being targeted by Big Money in 2024. Become a member today with a monthly donation!

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AIPAC plans to spend $100 MILLION to try to unseat pro-Peace progressives this election year — and it's already getting started with Congresswoman Summer Lee’s primary for re-election less than one month out.

Our Revolution is partnering with more than a dozen organizations nationwide as part of a new Reject AIPAC coalition to fight back. Voters must know AIPAC is as toxic as the NRA.

AIPAC and its GOP megadonors have no place spending millions in Democratic primaries & lobbying against Palestinian lives. Join our movement!

Our Revolution Chair Larry Cohen has signed on with Jewish Americans Opposing AIPAC with a mission to “support candidates who are opposed by AIPAC and who are advocates for peace and a new, just US policy toward Israel/Palestine,” The Nation reports.

Support our work with a $10 one-time gift or $5 monthly donation and get your “Reject AIPAC” sticker to spread solidarity in the fight against this toxic right-wing lobbying group!

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Our Revolution and the Uncommitted coalition have mobilized more than HALF A MILLION votes for Peace in Michigan, Minnesota, Washington and other Democratic primaries to urge Biden to push for a permanent ceasefire and end U.S. funding of Netanyahu’s war in Gaza.

Last week, Washington State added 89,997 uncommitted votes to that total. Our Revolution was proud to reach out to our 131k members in the state through text, calls and emails, and we partnered with Rami Alkabra, Deputy Mayor of Bothell, WA and a Palestinian-American, to get the word out.

In his State of the Union speech, Biden finally called for “an immediate ceasefire to last 6 weeks and he has recently criticized Netanyahu, saying he’s “hurting Israel more than helping.” This is a start, but the Netanyahu government continues to bomb civilians and block critical supplies — and, Biden’s floating aid pier off the coast of Gaza will take 30-90 days to construct.

“It’s on the president to make those changes and on the campaign to adjust, to bring these folks back in so we have the coalition that we need to be able to beat Trump in November,” Our Revolution Campaigns Director Paco Fabian told The Hill.

Let’s maintain our momentum for a PERMANENT ceasefire! Uncommitted votes in Wisconsin on April 2nd will reinforce the message: It's time for President Biden to realign with the values of the base.

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Last week, Our Revolution joined Sen. Bernie Sanders, US Rep. Ro Khanna, and service workers from around the country for a special Covid Memorial event hosted by One Fair Wage.

“This memorial service asks us to remember not just the 12,000 service workers who lost their lives in the pandemic, but all the lives harmed by the restaurant industry’s exploitative business model built on subminimum wages, not paying benefits, and leaving workers vulnerable to abuses,” said Our Revolution Executive Director Joseph Geevarghese.

Bernie said: “What Covid taught us is that if you have a lot of money in the midst of a terrible pandemic, you can retreat to your home and not get exposed, but if you’re a working person - in the service industry - there was no option. You had to go to work and put your life on the line to feed your family.”

Our Revolution is proud to stand in solidarity to fight state by state to raise wages and radically reform how the industry treats workers. “‘Our role is to pray for the dead and fight like hell for the living.’ That’s what we’re called to do,” Joseph quoted legendary labor leader Mother Jones.

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Our Revolution is proud to endorse Susheela Jayapal for Congress in Oregon’s 3rd Congressional District, and Bernie Sanders has joined us in supporting her in this race!

Susheela has been an outspoken champion for affordable housing, education, economic justice, and a living wage. As a Multnomah County Commissioner, she fiercely advocated for survivors of domestic violence and solutions to the homelessness crisis.

In Congress, Susheela will be a strong progressive voice, championing abortion rights, taking on big polluters and fighting climate change, and standing up to election deniers to defend our democracy.

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In Ohio, Our Revolution-endorsed Tristan Rader is heading to the general election in November in his run for State House in District 13.

Tristan has served in dual roles as the Ohio Program Director at Solar United Neighbors (SUN) and as a deeply engaged member of the Lakewood City Council.

He is a trailblazer for sustainability and social equity. “We must champion universal healthcare, uphold workers' rights, defend our environment, and tirelessly work towards social and economic justice for every Ohioan,” Tristan said.

“This is not just a political battle; it's a moral imperative,” he said. “We cannot stand idly by as the far-right’s agenda of bigotry and hatred defines what it is to be an Ohioan. The time for decisive action is now.”

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We are excited to announce that Jovanka Beckles won her primary and will be on the ballot for CA State Senate this November!

Jovanka had our support - and Bernie’s! - in her successful campaigns for Richmond City Council, including in 2014 when she took on Chevron for polluting her community and WON!

As a city councilor, she raised the minimum wage. As a Teamsters Local 856 member, she’s on the picket lines at a moment’s notice. As District 7's next state senator, she will be the courageous leader we need to pass policies that put people over profit.

“I’m running because we need bold leadership who will be courageous on climate, healthcare, criminal justice reform, housing, taxing the rich, women’s and worker’s rights, and more,” Jovanka said.

Our Revolution-endorsed Tina McKinnor will be joining the CA Assembly! Tina knows how to legislate and get things done for working people.

As Chief of Staff to several Assembly members, she helped pass over 100 bills, including historic legislation that gave the California legislative staff the right to unionize and collectively bargain for the first time in the state's history.

Nithya Raman beat out the competition and will be an amazing asset to the progressive movement as a member of Los Angeles City Council!

Nithya has worked to remedy extreme poverty in India and started a grassroots volunteer program in her community in Los Angeles, which brought down the number of unsheltered homeless individuals in her district for the first time in years.

Mai Vang will be a powerful member of the Sacramento City Council and a voice for working people, the environment, housing, and peace. This is how we build local power to directly improve lives in the city of Sacramento.

Right wing forces tried to push tough-on-crime judges, Our Revolution was pleased to endorse Judges Michael Begert and Patrick Thompson who won their seats on the San Francisco Superior Court.

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Our Revolution is working to transform the Democratic Party from the inside out because we know how important it is to elect progressives to crucial positions to grow our influence at all levels inside the party.

Three of our candidates won seats on the Democratic Party of San Francisco County Central Committee - Jon Avalos, Jane Kim, and Connie Chan. These seats are key to growing progressive influence on the party’s policy platforms and endorsements.

In Alameda County, CA, 8 of our candidates will be joining the ranks of the Democratic Party of Alameda County Central Committee.

Each of these progressive committee members brings their life experience to the table to stand up for our progressive principles: from healthcare justice to housing and homelessness, we need these voices inside the Democratic Party.

New progressive champions on the Democratic Party of Contra Costa County (CA) Central Committee now include Leslie Baxter, Michelle Simon, Laura Patch, and Devin T. Murphy.

We’re looking forward to partnering with them to make the party more transparent and responsive to the grassroots.

Finally, two new progressive committee members are joining the Democratic Party of Kern County Central Committee - labor organizer Megan Russell and Ajaib Gill, a lawyer committed to criminal justice reform and education.

These allies will help us push for more progressive policies and push back against corporate influence and dark money within the party.

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The 2024 election season is in full swing, and we want to directly hear from you about candidates you are excited about! Email our political team at to nominate candidates for Our Revolution’s endorsement.

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AIPAC is already starting to spend $100 million to try to unseat pro-Peace progressives like Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar, Summer Lee, and others.

Get this sticker today to start a conversation about why we must fight back against this far right lobbying group, which is pushing for even more money for Netanyahu’s war on Gaza.

When you buy this sticker for a one-time donation of $10 or a recurring $5 monthly donation, you’re funding critical work by Our Revolution to defend strong voices for Peace in Congress. We cannot let big money silence progressive voices for peace in Congress.


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As the country’s largest grassroots-funded progressive political action group, Our Revolution relies on our members to power our work. In 2024, we must defend our top progressive leaders and elect new ones to join the fight against the far right and corporate extremists trying to hijack our democracy.

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