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Don’t miss your chance to get this limited-time offer for a special signed copy of Sen. Jeff Merkley’s brand new book Filibustered: How to Fix the Broken Senate and Save America.

This week, Our Revolution held a live virtual book discussion with Sen. Merkley and Mike Zamore, his long-time staffer and co-author.

We learned so much about how the filibuster originated in institutional racism dating back to the slave-holders and how we can fix it to actually address the root causes of gridlock in Washington. 

Right now, the filibuster is giving Republicans veto power over the majority, but we’ve come close to fixing the filibuster as recently as 2021, and we have a path to make it happen and make our government work for all of us.

Pick up your copy of Filibustered to dig into the solutions we can press for — and help us get on the same page (literally!) as a movement for progressive change in America.