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On Thursday, U.S. Reps. Barbara Lee and Rashida Tlaib joined Our Revolution activists from around the country for a powerful discussion on the urgent need for a Ceasefire at our Peace for All Town Hall.


Not only did we lift up the call for Peace, but we dug into real diplomatic and legislative solutions — including Bernie’s call to halt more than $10 billion in military funding for the rightwing Netanyahu government.

We hope you’ll add your voice to stand with Bernie and show the strength of our demand:  The U.S. government must stop using our tax money to fund this brutal war against the Palestinian people. Not one more dollar.


U.S. Rep. Barbara Lee has been on the forefront calling for a Ceasefire and is one the most courageous anti-war advocates in all of Congress — just one of many reasons Our Revolution is working so hard to elect her to the Senate.

Jewish Insider mentioned Barbara’s “unequivocal ceasefire in Gaza” and how it’s garnering progressive support in their reporting on Our Revolution’s Peace for All Town Hall.

Barbara has actually visited refugee camps in the Middle East and nearly stepped on a cluster bomb in Lebanon — later, finding a bomb casing that read “Made in the USA.”

“I came to understand the dynamics and the United State’s role in the Middle East,” she said. “And, since then, wherever I am or what platform I have, I’m going to fight for peace and security for people no matter where they live — Gaza, Ukraine, and our own communities.”

“I believe in security, but I don’t believe in taking our resources and tax dollars to enrich arms dealers that are scamming the system and creating war,” Barbara told us.

We all know about Barbara’s lone vote in Congress against the authorization to give President Bush nearly unlimited war powers to go into the disastrous conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan — a vote that resulted in death threats at the time but was vindicated by history.

But Barbara is also the only candidate running for Senate in California who voted against the PATRIOT Act and drone strikes in Libya — and always votes to slash the bloated Pentagon budget. She also serves as co-chair of the Global Peace and Security Task Force in the Progressive Caucus.

Our Revolution was proud to announce our endorsement of U.S. Rep. Rashida Tlaib we’ve had her back since the beginning, and we’re going to fight against the dark money targeting her in her race for re-election in 2024.

Rashida is the daughter of Palestinian immigrants and one of our most fearless progressive leaders in Congress — always standing on principle for peace, people, and planet no matter the cost.

Rashida was recently censured by her rightwing colleagues in the House of Representatives for her outspoken advocacy for the Ceasefire — but she’s not backing down!

“This is about speaking truth to power no matter if our voice is shaking,” she told our Peace Town Hall on Thursday. “We can’t stop fighting to save lives. The answer to war crimes is not more war crimes.”

The Resolution for a Ceasefire introduced by Rep. Tlaib and Rep. Cori Bush has grown in support from 13 to more than 60 members of Congress and we must keep going.

Rashida emphasized the importance of outside organizing to pressure elected leaders to do the right thing. “Every time I see all of you out there — whether it’s rallying or standing outside district office or making calls to your reps — it all makes a difference and it just makes me cry,” she said, welling up with tears.