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2024 is officially underway, and Progressives continue to lead a national call for Peace as thousands of Palestinian civilians and children are being killed in Gaza.

As we fight to end this horrible violence, we must also work to save American democracy this election year. Trump is surging in the polls despite 91 criminal charges — but our work to bar this Insurrectionist from the ballot is gaining momentum state by state.

Our Revolution is building out our organizing machine to make sure we defeat the far right up and down the ballot, while taking back the House and electing powerful progressives like Rep. Barbara Lee to the U.S. Senate.

We must also defend the progressives we’ve fought so hard to put in office and grow the largest Congressional Progressive Caucus in history.

AIPAC lobbyists are already preparing to spend more than $100 MILLION to try to unseat some of our strongest peace champions in Congress, including Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar, Cori Bush, Summer Lee, and others.

Progressives who are under attack for demanding a Ceasefire. Help Our Revolution have their backs and make sure our most powerful anti-war voices are not silenced by big money in 2024.

With a monthly membership donation of at least $5 or a one-time $10 gift, we will send you the Defend Peace/Defend Democracy sticker above with our gratitude.