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Our Revolution and the Uncommitted coalition have mobilized more than HALF A MILLION votes for Peace in Michigan, Minnesota, Washington and other Democratic primaries to urge Biden to push for a permanent ceasefire and end U.S. funding of Netanyahu’s war in Gaza.

Last week, Washington State added 89,997 uncommitted votes to that total. Our Revolution was proud to reach out to our 131k members in the state through text, calls and emails, and we partnered with Rami Alkabra, Deputy Mayor of Bothell, WA and a Palestinian-American, to get the word out.

In his State of the Union speech, Biden finally called for “an immediate ceasefire to last 6 weeksand he has recently criticized Netanyahu, saying he’s “hurting Israel more than helping.” This is a start, but the Netanyahu government continues to bomb civilians and block critical supplies — and Biden’s floating aid pier off the coast of Gaza will take 30-90 days to construct.

“It’s on the president to make those changes and on the campaign to adjust, to bring these folks back in so we have the coalition that we need to be able to beat Trump in November,” Our Revolution Campaigns Director Paco Fabian told The Hill.

Let’s maintain our momentum for a PERMANENT ceasefire! Uncommitted votes in Wisconsin on April 2nd will reinforce the message: It’s time for President Biden to realign with the values of the base.