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AIPAC plans to spend $100 MILLION to try to unseat pro-Peace progressives this election year — and it’s already getting started with Congresswoman Summer Lee’s primary for re-election less than one month out.

Our Revolution is partnering with more than a dozen organizations nationwide as part of a new Reject AIPAC coalition to fight back. Voters must know AIPAC is as toxic as the NRA.

AIPAC and its GOP megadonors have no place spending millions in Democratic primaries & lobbying against Palestinian lives. Join our movement!

Our Revolution Chair Larry Cohen has signed on with Jewish Americans Opposing AIPAC with a mission to “support candidates who are opposed by AIPAC and who are advocates for peace and a new, just US policy toward Israel/Palestine,” The Nation reports.

Support our work with a $10 one-time gift or $5 monthly donation and get your “Reject AIPAC” sticker to spread solidarity in the fight against this toxic right-wing lobbying group!